In honor of our favorite Princess, Miss. Cadagan Hooley, we've created a BRAND NEW FLAVOR of Bennett Brothers Balm just for her!!! PRINCESS PUNCH!!! *Click our SHOP tab to purchase!!! 

"We invite you to help the Hooleys give Cadagan the life she deserves. All of the profits from the sale of this special Balm will support Cadagan and allow her to live her life to the fullest and help maximize her potential so she can continue to be the happy, fun-loving girl she is!"

Let us introduce you to Cadagan: "Cadagan is a bright and happy 12 year old little girl with a rare chromosomal abnormality called Trisomy 12p. When she was born in 2005 there were 12 reported cases in the world, today we believe there are 30. Cadagan is legally blind, has suffered numerous strokes, has low muscle tone which has left her unable to walk and eat independently. She is minimally verbal however receptively gets everything. She has the brightest smile, loves music and keys and loves to be loved. She is a beacon of light and everyone who meets her can’t help but love her! As she grows at a somewhat normal rate, it becomes more difficult for her family to bring her on outings due to her needs and the complexity to lift her.

We are their family and friends and are working to raise the funds to get them a handicapped accessible vehicle. Cadagan loves her car rides and it is getting more and more complicated to provide them for her in her family’s regular minivan. We have been looking at modified vans which will lift her entire specialized wheelchair and lock her in for a safe ride, thus alleviating the need for a special seat and for anyone to have to lift her in and out of a vehicle." 

100% of the profits from the sale of Princess Punch will be donated to "Keys for Cadagan"

Bennett Brothers Balm - The Balm that started it all!

Made from only the BEST all-natural ingredients, Bennett Brothers Balm moisturizes lips and body and so much more...

* Heals dry, cracked lips and skin

* Softens cuticles

* Takes the itch out of bug bites

Bennett Brothers Balm is Vegan, Cruelty-Free & All Natural!

Lip & Body Balm Made with LOVE in Malden, MA *USA


Organic Shea Butter

Coconut Oil

Organic Carnauba Wax

Organic Kukui Nut Oil

Organic Vitamin E Oil

Flavor Oils

*Bennett Brothers Balm is for external use only. Ask a doc or dermatologist before using, especially with underlying skin conditions. Those with nut allergies should avoid or check with an allergist.