"Two young men with two huge hearts. alt❤️alt❤️ Working hard to make a difference for those suffering with cancer. My life has been enriched since the day I met The Bennett Brothers and their Mom and Dad. Oh and they make great Lip Balm. Every lady should have one in their purse now that the cooler weather is here." -Geri Morris Pompeo, Owner of Shear Madness Hair Salon, Medford, MA

"Awesome little kids and an awesome family. I am always SO IMPRESSED by you guys. Oh and great lip balm. I can't wait to get the "non-mint" body butter." -Kolika Chatterjee

"The balm is awesome! Every product that The Bennett Brothers produces is of the highest quality. I love the lip balm, eye cream & body butter and the whole line is extremely sensitive skin friendly, which I appreciate greatly." -Alana Marinello, NJ 

"Just got the Cinnamon Kisses balm and is awesome! The balm is so smooth and light. The scent reminds me of Big Red gum. Love the balms and love the Bennett Brothers!" -Eileen Maunsell 

"We truly love Bennett Brothers Balm! My favorite is the new caramel apple. My oldest daughters' is vanilla and my youngest is strawberry. We love them all. We are secretly hoping for a Christmas scent to put in stockings for our whole family. Most recently we sampled the Tummy Troubles balm. My little one didn't feel well before school yesterday and I used some tummy trouble balm on her belly and off she went to school. Worked like a charm! Myself, I tend to get stuffy at night and I put some on my temples which helped my breathing. Keep up the fantastic work Bennett Brothers. You are an inspiration to all!" -Charisma Thrasher Mahoney, Burlington, MA

"Two amazing children. Doing such great things for a great cause. Keep up the good work boys!" - Judy Smalley, Hampton, NH

"I had a bad reaction to my face wash and my face has been cracking, tight and burning!!!! I have been using a serum that cost a lot of money to try to help it... today when I got to work I decided to try some BBB and my face is finally looking better!!! Thanks boys!!! Another reason why I love your product!!!!"alt❤️ -Gina Pasquale

"They are doing a Great job for a great cause! Strawberry is my favorite so far. Look forward to trying the fall scents!" - Ellen Hartshorn

"These boys are amazing! Their lip balm has worked wonders for my chapped lips and the smell is delicious! Not only is it an awesome product but it's helping to raise money for a good cause.... Great job Bennett Brothers! Keep up the good work!"  -Erin Marino, RN

"These budding entrepreneurs are so inspiring! I couldn't be happier to support such a worthy cause, and their vanilla balm is incredible! Great work, boys!" - Talia Andreottola, Washington D.C.

"These boys are a great model to take a passion and use it to help others. Dana Farber is obviously a worthy cause because of the important work they are doing daily. The bonus is, these balms smell wonderful! Win, win, win!" - Syl Stevens

"These boys are professional and they personally deliver the lip balm to your door. You can tell they have a passion for what they're doing and it is for a fantastic cause. Go Bennett Brothers!" - Jackie McLaughlin

"Tastes wonderful & is my new favorite lip balm! I keep it on my nightstand & use it every night before bed. Love it!" - Courtney Filer Dougal, Somerville, MA

"Strawberry is the BALM!!!!! Now with the cold weather closing in on us it soothes my chapped lips. These amazing kids are going places! Keep up the hard work because it is paying off! Can't wait to see what they come up with next!!!" - Renee Devaney Simmons, Burlington, MA 

"Absolutely LOVE this product and need a reorder for stocking stuffers. PLEASE!" - Annette Morris

"Two amazing boys doing amazing things!! Their balm is fabulous and smells delicious. Keep up the great work boys!" alt⭐️ alt⭐️ alt⭐️ alt⭐️ alt⭐️ -Kristine Young Chamberlain 

"This balm is the BEST! It smells great, it softens and heals, and it goes to a great cause! If you don't yet have some of the Bennett Brothers Balm, order a bunch now and share, share, share!" - Lisa D'Angelo 

"Love the balm (strawberry is my favorite) and love what the Bennett brothers are doing with this business venture. Keep up the amazing work, boys!" alt -Heather Anderson, Bar Harbor, ME

"Amazing kids with big hearts and a bright future ahead of them!" -Kim Covell

"Strawberry is my new favorite lip balm! Can't get enough of it!"alt:) -Kellie King Tickell 

"I came back from a night away to find this great little box sitting on my porch. What a great surprise. I used it immediately on my lips. Not only does it smell great it made my lips feel good. What's not to love. The Bennett Brothers Balm is a win win. All profits go to Dana-Farber. Love this." -Shear Madness Hair Salon